Shando’s Construction benefits from our clients, shareholders and employees. It Is therefore an integral requirement of all Shando’s Construction employees to have the attitude of doing the right thing the first time and by striving towards reaching and maintaining Shando’s Construction Vision, Mission and Objective.

In order to fulfil these objectives the Shando’s Construction Directorship is committed to ensuring that the Quality Policy is understood and applied by all employees, in confidence that the company with an agreed specification, supplies the products and services required. Our working environment shall at all times be safe and comply to the stipulations and regulations contained within the:

Standards of ISO 14001:1996 (health and safety) ensuring that Shando’s Construction only makes use of the materials that wont contaminate nor harm our precious environment.
Shando’s Construction shall develop, Implement and maintain a quality management system to the Standard of ISO 9001:2000 – by means of:

  • Continual review and update of the company Vision& Strategic Objectives
  • Regular reviews and evaluation of our Management System and continuous improvement thereof
  • Meeting and exceeding client requirements through regular client contact and feedback information, such as client discussions
  • Making commitments that we are capable of keeping
  • Ensuring that our services are rated at least ‘’HIGH’’ on aggregate by our clients, in terms of final assessments
  • Ensuring that the internal ratings of management and supervision exceed the 800/6 mark.